rita on 19th street

Rita is a full-time nutrition and English literature student at Drexel. She really likes to write, read, and paint. Ultimately, she’d love to write, but she’s also interested in potentially being a dietician. She’s originally from New Jersey, but has been in Philly for about a year and a half. She called Philly “diet New York,” but she said that she likes Philly a lot.

Rita likes shopping at Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21, American Apparel, and thrift stores. She also sews and occasionally makes dresses and skirts for herself. Her dress is from Forever 21 and her scarf is from Zara.

It’s been hard for me to start scouting and interviewing again. I’m definitely out of practice and not as bold as I had been when I decided to take a little break. Rita made it really easy for me though. When I first stopped her, she was super flattered and sweet and said that getting stopped by a street style blogger was one of her dreams. You can visit Rita and say hi at either of her Tumblrs: Something About a Fish and Bill Cosby Nudes.


Rita on 19th street


Rita on 19th street


Rita on 19th street

lydia on 13th street

Lydia works at a restaurant and small market, which is appropriate because she enjoys cooking. Her dream job is to recreate an Anthony Bourdain-type situation — traveling around, talking to people, and writing about food and travel.

She tries to find her clothes secondhand. Her sweater is from an exboyfriend, who got it secondhand as well. It looks delightfully warm and cozy, especially on a frigid day like this.

She’s been in Philly for about three and half years, and her favorite part of the city is the people she’s met here: “I’ve met some really amazing people in Philadelphia.”

dion on chestnut street

Either there aren’t a lot of men in Philly dressed to catch my eye, I just don’t have an appreciation of men’s street style, or I am too scared to approach them, but as you may have noticed, there is a great shortage of men in this project so far. So I’m really excited to introduce Dion. He looked so put together that I was nervous to stop him, too, but something made me speak up anyway. Which is good, because he was a total sweetheart about it and we had a really great conversation.
When I asked him how he spends his time, the first thing he told me was that he’s a Christian. I really admire how forthcoming he was about his faith when talking to a stranger on the street. He enjoys going to basketball games and sits courtside at the Sixers games. Dion works at Boyd’s, and he’s in the process of starting an online Christian young adult lifestyle magazine, called Different by Choice. He will be looking for web designers, writers, and photographers for this upcoming venture! 
Dion graduated from Overbrook High School, and he’s now attending LaSalle University. He was born and raised in West Philly, but he just bought a house in the suburbs. He loves Philadelphia and sees a lot of opportunity here, but there’s a lot to be done here as well: “…but you gotta be the change you want to see… so I’m not going anywhere. There’s a lot of change that needs to happen.”
Dion loves Greek mythology and art and would rather go to a play than a movie. He enjoys reading. He also mentioned that he’s old-fashioned and looking forward to getting married and settling down someday soon!
In terms of style, for Dion it’s all about fit, detail, and how clothes complement the individual. He enjoys J. Crew, J Brand Jeans, and Jack Wills.
His jeans are J Brand, his blazer is from H&M, his shirt and scarf are both from Urban, and his glasses are Ray-Ban.


celine on walnut street

Celine’s a fairly recent transplant to Philly, having moved here in August, but she has her sights set on Minneapolis. She tends to wear a lot of black, because it makes her feel comfortable. She also told me that she enjoys wearing dark lipstick with no eye makeup. 

She spends most of her time working at a pizza place, listening to music, hanging out with her roommates, and dancing. She also shared that she’s done some graphic design work
I love her fringy scarf with the fur of her hood and earmuffs. 

montse on broad street

Montse is from Barcelona and seemed to just be visiting Philly. She told me that she isn’t really into fashion, but she likes to mix in pieces from new designers in Barcelona who are still relatively unknown. 
Montse is wearing Vans that she bought in Philly the day before we met and a scarf that she borrowed from her sister. Her shirt is from Top Shop, and her shorts are from a Spanish department store, similar to Zara. Her super cozy poncho, which I am completely in love with, is by a designer in Barcelona whose name she couldn’t recall at the moment.