amberleigh on 18th street

Amberleigh amberleigh2 amberleigh3Amberleigh manages a juice bar on South Street. She’s working towards becoming a naturopathic doctor, and she has a degree in holistic nutrition. Her favorite area in Philly is Germantown and Mount Airy, where she lives.

I was quite out of practice with interviewing people, so I stupidly neglected to ask her about her clothes. I’ve been so focused on getting some details about the souls wearing the clothes that it slipped my mind. After taking a short break this winter, it’s definitely gotten harder to start up again. I’ve gotten rusty and it makes me more nervous. But I’m finding my stride again. I had a really great interview yesterday with a man on 3rd Street. Stay tuned.

renay on walnut street

Renay was born and raised in Philly and has lived in Rittenhouse “forever.” Her favorite thing about about the city is the people and the abundance of things to do. Harry, her dog, also loves living here! She likes to go spinning, shop, go out with friends, and go to wine bars.

Renay likes to be comfortable. She enjoys wearing leggings, flats, tunics, and fun jewelry. She found her shirt at Anthropologie and her vest at Urban Outfitters. Her shoes are Tory Burch.

alexi on walnut street

Alexi lives in Camden. She’s a first-year law student at Rutgers. “I think that my entire outfit probably is like, 16 dollars!” She got her dress second hand, her shoes from Old Navy, and her jacket from Wilson’s Leather on clearance. Her Ray-Bans do throw off that estimate, though. If she could wear just one thing for a week, it would be a giant onesie with footies. A wise girl. Comfort over style, people.

celine on walnut street

Celine’s a fairly recent transplant to Philly, having moved here in August, but she has her sights set on Minneapolis. She tends to wear a lot of black, because it makes her feel comfortable. She also told me that she enjoys wearing dark lipstick with no eye makeup. 

She spends most of her time working at a pizza place, listening to music, hanging out with her roommates, and dancing. She also shared that she’s done some graphic design work
I love her fringy scarf with the fur of her hood and earmuffs. 

nerissa in rittenhouse square

Nerissa’s had these shoes since she was in 10th grade! She got them from Buffalo Exchange. Her amazing coat is from the Sazz Vintage Warehouse. I wish I had gotten the scoop on her earrings, too. Alas. She’s one of the first people I stopped, and I was kind of flustered. I still am, to be honest. I’m looking forward to the day when I can talk to a stranger and think more quickly to be more engaging in conversation.

I happened to catch Nerissa on her lunch break. She told me that she works five different jobs right now. That’s a situation I’m familiar with, and I really respect and appreciate that she took time out of her busy day to let me snap a few shots.