rita on 19th street

Rita is a full-time nutrition and English literature student at Drexel. She really likes to write, read, and paint. Ultimately, she’d love to write, but she’s also interested in potentially being a dietician. She’s originally from New Jersey, but has been in Philly for about a year and a half. She called Philly “diet New York,” but she said that she likes Philly a lot.

Rita likes shopping at Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21, American Apparel, and thrift stores. She also sews and occasionally makes dresses and skirts for herself. Her dress is from Forever 21 and her scarf is from Zara.

It’s been hard for me to start scouting and interviewing again. I’m definitely out of practice and not as bold as I had been when I decided to take a little break. Rita made it really easy for me though. When I first stopped her, she was super flattered and sweet and said that getting stopped by a street style blogger was one of her dreams. You can visit Rita and say hi at either of her Tumblrs: Something About a Fish and Bill Cosby Nudes.


Rita on 19th street


Rita on 19th street


Rita on 19th street

hamida in rittenhouse square

Hamida is a student in New York. She’s studying Global Studies and Film at The New School.

“I like a lot of frumpy, very boho clothes lately, especially for the winter,” she said. She told me that her clothes are mainly thrifted, but she also finds pieces at Urban Outfitters, “to step it up” a bit. Her scarf is from Urban, and everything else is thrifted. I asked her what she would wear if she had to wear one thing for a week, and she said, “A huge coat, probably.” I don’t blame her. She looks both cozy and playful. The last photo is one of my favorites that I’ve taken so far. Her joy is infectious.