on horseback in tamarindo, costa rica

Horseback in TamarindoI’ve had a ton going on this summer and haven’t had as much time for scouting as I’d like. I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica with my husband’s company, and I was hoping to take some photos there, but I didn’t see anything really outstanding. Lots of tourists in various states of undress. Except this guy. I didn’t get his name, but he tried to rent us horses to go riding on the beach. His horses live on his uncle’s farm a short ride out of town, and we saw him ride through town almost every day. I feel like it takes some guts to ride around a tourist town shirtless, Fabio-style, like you own the place. He managed to pull it off.

fifty countries, two years, one pair of jeans

Finding street style in the winter is hard, you guys. I had foreseen it as a potential challenge, so when I began I worked about a month ahead. Then the holidays came, I was sick for about two weeks, and it got absolutely frigid in Philadelphia.

 So in order to make this project a bit more sustainable through these strange weather patterns and other facts of life, I’ll be mixing in extras. This week, I’ve been working on an interview with a friend who has fallen in love with raw denim. He’ll be wearing the same pair of jeans for a year. A year!

While that’s in the works, enjoy this mini documentary about travel and denim over a two year period. I found it a couple years ago now, and I still watch it every so often. It makes me desperate to get rid of all my stuff and pack lightly for a several-year jaunt around the world.
” Traveling Denim ” Recording color fade for two years from Takayuki Akachi on Vimeo.